meet our team.

We are a creative agency

based in Gdynia, Poland.

Mindapple is providing 360 marketing identity services. We offer marketing strategy, social media, graphic & website design, photo & video production. We create conceptual communication campaigns and other creative stuff by working closely with our clients, building strong relationships and taking care of every aspect of the design process. We’re constantly evolving and adapting not only because business and design doesn’t stay still but also because we like to explore new ideas and creative supplies.

Karina Kącka

mindapple founder | graphic designer

Dorian Butkiewicz

mindapple founder | video producer

Asia Borowska

social media

Natalia Krzywik

social media

Jędrzej Ugorenko

graphic designer

Tobiasz Niemasik

graphic & website designer

Kuba Trusiewicz

Editor & 1st AC

PPNT, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
building II, offices B7-B9
81-451 Gdynia

(+48) 661-747-714